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Injuries typically sustained in a fall

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | Slip and Falls

If you slip, trip or fall while at a friend’s Mississippi home, a restaurant or some other location, you might incur serious injuries. These injuries may make it harder to remain at work, finish your education or engage in other activities that you enjoyed prior to the accident.

Head injuries

A fall can cause a variety of head ailments such as a broken skull, a brain bleed or a concussion. In some cases, a head injury will present immediately, however, there is also a chance that it will take some time to become apparent. Dizziness, difficulty speaking or short-term memory loss are all signs of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s important to understand that even a relatively minor blow to the head can result in serious injuries if you don’t seek treatment quickly.

Broken bones

Falling on a hard surface such as concrete or cement may result in a broken arm, leg or hand. You may also experience breaks or fractures of foot, leg or face bones depending on where your body hits the floor or ground. Typically, broken bones will heal in a matter of weeks if you seek treatment in a timely manner. However, even if you do, there is a chance that a fracture could impact your ability to walk, grasp objects or engage in basic tasks.

Skin abrasions are possible

You may have grounds for a premises liability case if you experience cuts or lacerations on hands, knees or other exposed body parts. Severe cuts or lacerations are prone to infection or other secondary issues that might lead to severe or irreparable damage. The pain may also make it hard to sleep or otherwise lead the same quality of life that you did prior to your accident.

If you have been hurt while on another person’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. Photos, videos or other evidence might be used to show that the defendant had an obligation to protect you but failed to do so.