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How much money does a slip-and-fall injury cost in Mississippi?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Personal Injury, Slip and Falls

Unfortunately, your life in Mississippi can change in a second after slipping and falling. Instead of proceeding with your day or night, falling can instantly cause severe pain while warranting the need for immediate medical attention. As a new study shows, slipping and falling can become an extremely costly mistake.

What makes slipping and falling so expensive?

The average out-of-pocket cost for a slip-and-fall accident in Mississippi is $8,842. This total puts Mississippi on the higher end of out-of-pocket expenses when compared with other U.S. states. The reason behind such a sizable expense involves the range of medical treatment you may require after falling.

Some people will require emergency treatment after falling, which can leave them receiving a potentially expensive bill for ER treatment. Fall survivors may also need to attend multiple doctor’s appointments, letting a medical professional gauge how well a patient is healing. You may also receive potentially expensive prescription medications to help you heal or minimize your pain.

Their inability to work tends to make this situation worse for fall victims. If people can’t perform their job duties, they cannot earn an income to pay for appointments, surgery, and medication.

Preventing tripping and slipping hazards

The good news about most slip-and-fall incidents is that they’re preventable. Learning how to prevent falls doesn’t only keep you safe, but it can also reduce your chances of another party filing a premises liability claim against you.

Help prevent falls throughout your home and workplace by removing any clutter from these buildings’ floors, ensuring no wet spots exist and speaking with a doctor if you begin experiencing more near falls.