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When you have been injured, it can be difficult to communicate exactly how much impact that injury has had on your life. You need someone who will listen to and understand the full spectrum of ways that your injury has affected you.

At Burns and Associates, PLLC, our Mississippi personal injury attorneys will work to understand how your injury has changed your life. We will dedicate ourselves to securing the compensation that you need to move forward with your life. Our experience and skill can help you recover the maximum compensation.

Let Us Help You Recover the Compensation and Benefits You Deserve

  • Workers’ compensation — Most on-the-job injuries are covered under workers’ compensation. Skilled representation can see to it that you receive the treatment and benefits you deserve.
  • Premises liability(Slip fall/negligent Security) — When you are injured on the property of another because of a condition they caused, should have known about, or did know about and did nothing to correct, we can pursue a premises liability claim on your behalf.
  • Car and truck wrecks — Auto accidents can be life-changing events. Let us help you secure the resources you will need to put your life back together.
  • Off-shore and maritime accidents — Compensation for injuries suffered while working on our navigable waters need to be pursued under the Jones Act.

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For effective and experienced representation that can help you recover the benefits you deserve, call 601-500-7021, toll free at 888-850-3120, or simply contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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