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Have You Been Forced Back to Work After Injury?

After being injured on the job, most workers will go to the doctor that their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer recommends. There may seem to be nothing wrong with that arrangement until your temporary disability check gets cut off because the doctor has done an independent medical evaluation and decided that you are able to return to work.

If you feel that the physician who evaluated your injury and determined that you were ready to return to work was wrong, you do have options.

At Burns & Associates, PLLC, our attorneys help injured workers in Jackson and throughout Mississippi receive fair and honest evaluations of their injuries. If you’re wondering if your workers’ comp doctor sent you back to work too soon, we can help.

You Don’t Have to Take the Insurer’s Doctor

Just because the doctor that your employer’s workers’ comp insurance provider has recommended says that you are fine to return to work, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are. It can be difficult to take a stand for yourself if you are in that situation. Many workers take pride in their ability to keep working through difficult conditions. You may also believe that a doctor would know better than you whether or not you are ready to work.

Remember that particular doctor is being paid by the insurance company and we can help you find another suitable physician. Remember that taking care of your injuries properly now can mean a full recovery that would allow you to work and enjoy your life for years to come.

We Can Help You Hit the Reset Button on Your Workers’ Comp Claim

We can help you find another medical professional who will give you a full evaluation. We can help you take that evaluation to court in a lawsuit where we will work to secure your rights to sound medical treatment and an appropriate diagnosis of your disability level.

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