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What are the most common types of hotel accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Premises Liability

If you’re planning on going on vacation away from home in Mississippi, you’ll probably want to stay at a hotel. Hotels are supposed to be safe havens for visitors, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. It’s important to know the most common hotel accidents and how the hotel may be liable for your injuries.

What are the most common hotel accidents and injuries?

Premises liability law can mean that a hotel is responsible if things aren’t safe for guests. Sadly, even though the hotel is supposed to provide guests with hazard-free, clean environments, there are times when guests can get hurt. The most common hotel accidents and injuries include:

• Slips and falls: Slippery floors, uneven floors, carpeting that’s worn out, and frayed and spilled food or drinks can all contribute to unsafe conditions. People can slip and fall, suffering serious injuries.
• Broken furniture: Old, worn-out furniture can be hazardous if someone sits or lies on it and it collapses under them. Injuries can follow such an accident.
• Swimming pools: Hotel pools typically don’t have lifeguards, but there should be rules and warnings about using the pool. The area should also be kept clean. People can slip around the pool area. The temperature must be correct and the chemicals just right. Drowning can also occur.
• Food poisoning: If a hotel’s food isn’t properly maintained or there are unsanitary conditions, guests can get food poisoning.
• Bed bugs: Bed bugs hiding in the bedding in hotels can result in skin irritation and itching. Some guests may even be allergic. It’s also possible to bring bed bugs home with you, leading to an infestation there.
• Burns: Burns can happen in hotels when there are defective room appliances or scalding hot water coming from plumbing fixtures.
• Criminal activity: While it doesn’t often happen, crimes can occur on hotel premises and lead to injuries to guests. Hotels are expected to have adequate security in place.

How can a hotel be liable for guest injuries?

Hotels must be safe for guests. If they aren’t, they can face premises liability claims. Hotels can be held liable due to the following elements being in place:

• Duty of care: A hotel has a duty of care to its guests to ensure their safety.
• Negligence: If the hotel’s management or another employee acts negligently, it can lead to guests suffering injuries.
• Liability: Hotels can be held liable for any injuries their guests sustain. Usually, the person held responsibly is the owner or manager.
• Damages: Guests who suffer injuries are entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other damages they incur.