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Video evidence: A key player in premises liability claims

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Premises Liability

Slipping, falling or otherwise getting hurt on someone else’s property can be both painful and embarrassing. At first, you might hope no one saw the accident and try to dust yourself off.

However, if you get seriously hurt, witnesses can play an essential role in any claim you ultimately pursue. Increasingly, these witnesses can be video surveillance equipment.

Where to start looking

In today’s world, cameras are ubiquitous, vigilantly recording day and night. If you have had an accident, consider these common surveillance sources:

  • Phone cameras are in almost every purse and pocket, making it easy for individuals and bystanders to record crucial evidence, even if they don’t realize it at the time.
  • Security cameras may be in or around businesses, parking lots and apartment complexes.
  • Doorbell cameras in the area can provide a view of residential entryways and streets.
  • Dash cams provide real-time footage from vehicles.
  • Body cams on security personnel and law enforcement agents capture up-close interactions.

These devices could hold the key to proving what happened during an incident. The footage could help establish whether and for how long a hazard existed, who may be liable, and what happened before and after the accident.

Gathering video evidence

Securing video evidence is crucial, yet it’s not always straightforward. Property owners may be reluctant to hand over footage, or someone might erase it before you even know it exists. That’s where legal professionals step in. They understand the urgency and have the means to preserve this vital evidence, ensuring that the truth doesn’t disappear.

Surveillance after the fact: A double-edged sword

Post-accident surveillance isn’t just about proving your claim; it’s also about protecting it. Insurance companies and defense attorneys might use video and photos to challenge your case. They scrutinize every frame, looking for anything that could dispute your claim. But remember, surveillance can validate your experience just as much as it can question it.

Getting help; getting justice

If you or your child gets into an accident on someone else’s property in Mississippi, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Thankfully, navigating the complexities of premises liability claims doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. Professionals like doctors, attorneys and others can provide valuable insights and guidance.