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New workers are vulnerable to injuries

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Employees in all industries in Mississippi want to stay safe on the job. Unfortunately, studies have shown that new workers are the most prone to injuries.

What does the study say about new workers and injuries?

An insurance company released what it called the “Injury Impact Report.” A study was conducted that took a look at more than 1 million workers’ compensation claims that were filed over five years. What was found from the study was that around 35% of work-related injuries occurred in all industries to workers who were only in their first year of employment. Those affected were of varying ages.

The report also revealed that many of these workplace injuries could have been prevented if the right safety protocols had been instituted.

Why are new workers more vulnerable to injury?

There are different reasons for new workers being more vulnerable to injuries while on the job. Employers might assume that any new hires already know how to safely do their jobs. However, depending on the circumstances, new employees might not be aware of the rules regarding using certain types of equipment and may not even be familiar with using protective equipment. In some cases, the use of protective gear may not even be strictly enforced in the workplace.

New employees who go through training might not be taught about potential hazards in the workplace and how to avoid them or protect themselves. Often, training only focuses on the job duties expected of employees.

In some cases, new workers might not know where to turn when an emergency situation arises. For example, if there is an unsafe condition that the employee has noticed, they might mention it to a coworker or manager but not know the proper steps for reporting.

Who is most affected and what injury is most common?

The study found that workers in the restaurant industry were most affected by injuries. These employees made up over half of all workers’ compensation claims. Overexertion injuries ranked as the most common on-the-job injury.

Workplace injuries can be serious and require significant time off work. If you have been a victim of one, you have a right to file a workers’ comp claim.