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Why are truck accident claims complex?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

When a truck collision occurs, the consequences might be tragic. People lose their lives when a routine Mississippi drive ends when a truck driver crashes into a smaller vehicle. Even when no one loses their lives, the resulting injuries may require extensive medical treatment. Going back to work might be impossible for many months, and some accidents could leave victims unable to perform routine tasks. Seeking compensation for a negligent truck driver’s actions through an insurance claim reflects one path to recover their losses. Unlike other claims or civil matters, closing a truck accident settlement could require more time and effort.

Truck collisions and their complexities

Truck and car collisions could share many similarities, and the results of a truck crash might be comparable with an auto accident. However, many truck crashes turn out far worse than ones only involving automobiles. Commercial trucks are far larger than cars, which makes them capable of causing far worse crashes. The thousands of pounds of metal that comprise a tractor-trailer may inflict massive damage that a vehicle could never do.

Truck drivers might find it hard to prevent an accident since a massive truck requires far more braking distance. When a truck travels at 60 mph, expect the commercial vehicle to need far more distance to stop than a car. So, a truck driver must pay greater attention to the road because “last minute” stops to avoid a collision might be impossible.

Negligence and truck accident complexities

Unlike many typical motor vehicle accidents, truck collisions could involve several cars. The truck’s size may make it impossible to avoid more than one car in a crash, and the potential to jackknife further increases the chances of a multicar collision. People could suffer severe injuries in such collisions, and the investigation to determine fault may require significant time.

More than one person could be at fault for the truck crash, as well. Drivers, employers, mechanics, manufacturers, and parts suppliers may share the blame. Sometimes, a third party, such as a tire company, might be at fault. Regardless, victims could file a lawsuit or an insurance claim.