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Have you been injured while working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico? Are you concerned about being able to pay for the appropriate medical care, wages you have lost or will lose, and compensation for your pain, suffering and any scarring you may have suffered? Being injured on an oil rig, like being injured on a river barge or during any other kind of work on the water, is governed by the Jones Act.

The Jones Act gives you a three year statute of limitations in which to commence pursuing compensation for your injuries. The Jones Act is a federal law and as such, you would pursue any claim in federal court.

At Burns and Associates, PLLC, our Jackson attorneys are experienced in Jones Act cases and are well-versed in bringing cases in federal court. If you are searching for a Biloxi maritime accident attorney, our attorneys can help. We offer our experienced representation to clients all along Mississippi’s gulf coast.

Injured While Working on the Water

The Jones Act provides compensation for anyone who has been injured while working on navigable waters. This includes inland as well as saltwater.

We understand the potential for hazard while working in maritime occupations. Large loads, heavy machinery and long hours can create a perfect recipe for injury to occur. If you are one of the many workers who are injured every year on our navigable waters, let us help you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

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